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Sicilian & Mediterranean culture, cuisine and travel.

Brought to you by Isabella Akshay.

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Sicilian Brioches

Saffron, Orange Blossom Water & Lemon Zest make this brioche so unique. They are fluffy inside, beautifully shiny on the outside, and...

Ode to Simple Things

When Pablo Neruda wrote “Ode To Common Things” his aim was to elevate everyday items like salt, a chair, a table, or soap, to metaphors,...

Polpette di Patate (Potato Cutlets)

“Facilissimo” (super simple) is how we would describe this dish. Different versions of these potato cutlets are made all over Italy -...

Mitilugghia (Sicilian Fried Bread)

Mitilugghia (or matalugghia, pronounced ma-ta-lu-dja) is a kind of yeasted fried bread, seasoned with dried herbs, olive oil and salt....

Cherry Tomato Confit

Cherry Tomato Confit is a super easy side that can jazz up any kind of meal, and requires just 5 minutes prep. It's also super versatile...

Ceci Verdi (Fresh Green Chickpeas)

We have farmers’ markets every day of the week in my hometown and the experience of going there can be a bit…intense! Very loud, hot, the...

Baked Feta & Bell Peppers Pasta

Sundays at home are for baked pasta, but this is a non-classic version of it. I'm jumping on the "baked feta" trend bandwagon and...

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